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This is an online gallery site that sells art pieces.
We offer original works of art, mainly from street artists, which can only be found here, to everyone, without discrimination, through online. We offer not only art pieces, but also original goods that make it easy to incorporate art into your life!


The "LFTN" in 3LFTN apartment is
It's an acronym that connects the acronym "Live for the now".

What you love can't wait. What we bring to you is art that will give new inspiration to those who live in the present moment.

If you think about it, the coronavirus has led to an overwhelming amount of time spent in our own rooms and homes.
This is where we spend most of our day, so decorating the interior of our rooms is directly related to our quality of life (QOL).
Colourful flowers, framed photos, new furniture...
I hope you will enjoy the art in the same way.

Everyone should know that it's fun to live with the things you love.
It is pure joy to live a life where you have something you like close by.
That choosing something based on your own sensibilities and not on someone else's standards is the most important thing.

I encourage you to choose an art piece that will be an important punctuation point for your life and your life.


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    graffiti artist
    Osaka-born graffiti artist based in Los Angeles, CA, who is the only Japanese member of DISSIZIT!, a graffiti group led by a graffiti master, OG SLICK, and began working as a graffiti writer when he was 20. He moved to Los Angeles on his own to hone his skills. In addition to working as a graffiti artist, he has provided designs for apparel brands, album jacket artwork for musicians in Japan and abroad, and artwork for many music videos. He has collaborated with Japanese anime such as "Devilman" and "Urusei Yatsura", and in 2011 he created the official graffiti art for "Evangelion the Movie". In Los Angeles, he is working on "ASTRO BOY BIG MURAL" (giant mural of Astro Boy) in collaboration with Tezuka Productions.He also announced a collaboration item with 'Tha Dogg Pound'; 2015 ~ Confidence~ his first solo show; and the launch of his first solo show in 2015. His work as a designer for record label "Delicious Vinyl", all of which have earned him high praise in America, the home of graffiti. His participation in the Murals Art Festival "POW! WOW! JAPAN 2015" and "POW! WOW! Long Beach 2016" is also memorable, and he has recently provided artwork for the stage set of DREAMS COME TRUE, store interior and exterior murals artwork in Japan and abroad. There is no shortage of topics to discuss, such as his work as a fine artist.

  • Unnamed
    MHAK as Masahiro Akutagawa
    MHAK was born in Aizu Wakamatsu city, Fukushima. Highly inspired by designer furniture and interiors, he has mainly been working on mural painting inside the buildings.
    He considers painting as a part of interior and the theme for his artwork is to coexist with living environment. He had worked on many hotels and private houses utilizing his distinctive style of curve lines and repetitions. Believing his paintings have to be recognized as an atmosphere rather than an object, MHAK sticks to abstractness.
    He has showcased his work in the US (NYC, LA and Portland), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia (Melbourne, Sidney) and Italy (Milano). Since the April 2011 Fukushima earthquake had occurred, he’s been conducting many art events in his hometown, collaborating with their traditional crafts and tourist spots.
    He is also active as a member of 81 BASTARDS.


    Web Site:http://mhak.jp/
  • Img 4427++%e3%81%ae%e3%82%b3%e3%83%92%e3%82%9a%e3%83%bc
    yoshi47 started breaking when he was 16 years old, and then started graffiti. When he was 20 years old, he went to California and discovered street art. After doing many live painting, solo shows, and art events in various states in the US, he became a bike messenger in San Francisco and found the true meaning of life in the community. Eventually, he returned to Japan and became a messenger in Tokyo. Now he has quit his job as a messenger and spends his days surfing and painting in Irago, where he is based, and has been exhibiting in Japan, USA, France, China, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Sweden and Taiwan, in group shows, solo shows and murals. As a member of 81BASTARDS, one of Tokyo's leading street art groups, he breaks down existing art styles to create progressive art activities and collaborates with various companies.


    Web Site:https://www.yoshi47.com/
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    prototype designer
    Started "HUMAN ROBOT TOYS” in 2015.
    Producing prototypes in a wide range of genres, including original toys, manga and anime character goods, artist collaborations, and corporate collaborations.

    2015年開始“HUMAN ROBOT TOYS”。


  • Luise 2
    LUISE ONO(オノルイーゼ)
    2010年、クラブイベントでのライブペイントにてキャリアをスタート。現在は店舗内外への壁画や企業・行政とのコラボレーションを経て、壁画フェスティバルPOW!WOW! JAPAN ・TAIWAN・ HAWAII・LONG BEACHへ参加、そしてららぽーと湘南平塚や高知蔦屋書店、清福寺への壁画等、現在は積極的に大型の壁画制作を行っている。

    LUISE ONO (Onoluise)
    Born in 1989. Born in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
    With the theme of "growth," she expresses the growth of plants, the flow of waves, and the overflowing energy of the natural world with organic lines.
    She began her career in 2010 with live painting at club events. Japan, TAIWAN, HAWAII, and LONG BEACH, as well as murals at LaLaport Shonan Hiratsuka, Kochi Tsutaya, and Seifukuji Temple. He is now actively working on large-scale murals.


    Web Site:http://luiseono.com
  • Title
    Elada Rage

    Elada debuted as a freelance designer after designing professional wrestling T-shirts.
    She has been working with other genres of design such as collaboration with apparel brands and character design for games.
    She has also worked on other genres of design.


    twitter:【grapebrain_rage】 【grapebrain_rage

    Web Site:http://www.grapebrain.net/

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  • Oki profile+%281%29
    Bushwick Open Studiosの参加アーティストに選出される。
    OKI KENICHI is a painter based in Fukuoka working both in Japan and abroad.
    Evolving abstract painting morphed human thought, transformed alphabet into unique shape and creating sculpture and site-specific installation combining both techniques.
    OKI's work has been exhibited in Bushwick Open Studios 2014 in New York and many galleries in Japan.
    He has produced collaborative artwork with apparel brands and musician. He set up a studio shop in Ropponmatsu, Fukuoka.
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    Kilimanjero | キリマンジェロ


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