GRAPE BRAIN 手の目少女“にぎるちゃん“ 

GRAPE BRAIN 手の目少女“にぎるちゃん“ 
soft vinyl

About the product/notes on the product
This item is reused from used stock, so the color and texture of each item is different. Please be aware of this beforehand.
Due to the characteristics of old items, the strength may be slightly inferior. Also, stains and scratches may be found.
We are sorry, but we do not accept returns or exchanges due to the characteristics of antique items.
Please understand that we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Because the used stock of "Levi's (R) 501 (R)" is sealed by hand, there is an individual difference in each item.
Clear color is painted on the body of the clear base.
Please note that the cracks are unique due to the nature of the painting process.
Because the product is produced by hand one by one, individual differences will occur in the paint, etc..
The image is for illustrative purposes only.
The color may appear different from the actual color due to differences in the monitor you are viewing.

'Currency Exchange' is just for your reference.
Every transaction will be made in JP yen, and its rate will change a little according to the settlement rate of each credit company. We assume no responsibility whatsoever for the indemnity from the use of those settlement rates.
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  • About delivery date
    • Stock
      The order products will be send out within 3 days
    • Made-to-Order
      The order products will be send out within 90 days