HUMAN ROBOT TOYS 【京都限定カラー】 Multicolor pandead “Wassan” TYPE_B

2015年『HUMAN ROBOT TOYS』を開始。  オリジナルトイをはじめ、漫画、アニメのキャラクターグッズ、アーティストコラボ、企業コラボなど、 幅広いジャンルでの原型を制作。  
HUMAN ROBOT TOYS 【京都限定カラー】 Multicolor pandead “Wassan” TYPE_B
Sales period : 12:00(JST), Jul 14, 2021 -

kyoto exclusive colours
Collection drops on 14th July, 2021

In the year 20XX, a mysterious virus suddenly broke out and instantly sent the world into a panic.
The infected are all turned into bread zombies, a symptom that makes no sense, and people spend their days in confusion and fear.

Bread zombies, collectively known as the "Pandead.
The first infected person was confirmed to be in Tokyo.
The virus, which appears to be a mutation of yeast, has been named "TK Yeast".
The delicious bread that everyone loved has now turned into an object of fear...
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